Aquagrand Experiences

Massage on the beach

Welcome to a sanctuary of beauty, relaxation, and holistic comfort. Aquagrand offers an extensive selection of massage treatments right on the beach, meticulously tailored to suit your body’s needs. Experience the soothing warmth of the Lindian sun as it gently envelops your skin, inviting you to immerse yourself in a realm of utter bliss and serenity.

Library Corner

In the serene embrace of Aquagrand, there’s no greater joy than settling down with a good book after a day of exploration. Here, you’ll find the finest pleasures – an escape and the company of a good read. For some, an e-book simply cannot match the experience. At the Library Corner of Aquagrand, culture and creativity converge, offering a sanctuary for those who love to immerse themselves in a captivating selection of classic and modern books.

Wellness Spa

Embark on a journey of well-being in the finest wellness spa in Lindos, Rhodes. Allow yourself to indulge your senses, unwind, and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Our wellness spa at Aquagrand features seven treatment rooms specially designed and fully equipped for a variety of treatments.

Let our skilled team pamper you with holistic techniques and a unique philosophy aimed at revitalizing your entire being.

Amare Boutique Shop

At Amare Boutique shop, you’ll find a collection of unique decorative items and a curated selection of women’s and men’s clothing. Whether you’re seeking a convenient shopping experience without leaving the hotel or simply wish to explore, our boutique greets you with distinctive pieces from the moment you enter.

Outdoor Swimming Pools

When the summer heat rises, nothing beats cooling off with a refreshing swim in a pool, ideally with a superb bar nearby for enjoying cool cocktails as the sun sets. Look no further than Aquagrand Resort’s pools. Our resort boasts two splendid outdoor swimming pools nestled within lush greenery, offering stunning vistas of the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the renowned Navarone Bay.

Open Gallery

If museums and art galleries are at the top of your travel itinerary, Aquagrand Resort offers fascinating artwork right in your suite and throughout the property, as well as an open gallery. Designed to showcase well-known Greek painters and sculptors, it spotlights an incredible collection of contemporary artworks.

Private Beach

Set along the captivating Navarone Bay, Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort offers a 200-meter coastline of private beach in Lindos. Seamlessly integrated into the scenic landscape of the area, our hotel complements its surroundings, offering stunning views of the Aegean. Enjoy direct access to the private-like beach, mere steps from the hotel, where you can bask in the crystal-clear turquoise waters with exclusive dining services.

Wine Tasting

The Aquagrand lifestyle is all about pursuing the finer moments in life. Enjoy a truly unique, elevated wine tasting experience in Rhodes. Be awed by every taste, every vista, every small exquisite detail and savor it deeply.


Experience the epitome of elegance and style for your wedding in Rhodes island. At Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort & Spa, our dedicated team is committed to bringing your dream wedding in Lindos to life with personalized coordination and attention to detail. Let us turn your wedding vision into an unforgettable reality against the backdrop of our magical surroundings.

Full Moon Dining on the jetty

In the enchanting setting of the bay, Aquagrand Resort offers an unparalleled experience for a romantic dinner in Lindos under the stars. Imagine a table set for two, gently illuminated by the moonlight, with the serene sea as your backdrop. Our exclusive Full Moon Dining experience beckons couples to a secluded jetty, where a beautifully decorated table awaits, adorned with a pristine white tablecloth and delectable dishes. Surrounded by the tranquil ambiance of softly-lit surroundings, you’ll feel as though you have the entire sea to yourselves, creating a moment of intimacy and magic that will linger in your memories forever.

Live Music Shows

Each day, the gardens and main pool area at Aquagrand Resort resonate with live music, from violin and piano melodies to saxophone tunes. Modern and folk dances, as well as captivating duets, add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Yoga at Sunrise

Restore, recharge and renew your sense of vitality and wellbeing with yoga sessions at sunrise. Our professional yoga instructors will focus on personal wellbeing and first-class experiences. Whether you are a complete beginner interested in trying something new, an intermediate yogi wanting to learn more about your own alignment, or dealing with an injury and needing personal attention, our yoga instructor will make sure you feel connected and that all your needs are met.


Explore the underwater wonders with snorkeling just off the shores of Aquagrand. Vibrant marine life thrives in the azure waters of Navarone Bay, offering a breathtaking journey beneath the surface amidst the beauty of our turquoise seas.

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